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July 8th, 2023: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

11:00Opening Pule- Kumu Kimo Awai 

11:20Music- Hawaiian Jukebox 

12:00- Cooking Demo- Chef Rebecca (Chia Haupia Parfait)

12:30- Music- Darren- (Blue Grass)

1:00- Speaker- Viviene Aronowitz- Nutritionist, Reversing Chonic Disease and         Helps people Transition to Plant Based

1:30- Music + Speaker- Kai Holt & Family BandDad of Kama the Surfing Pig

2:00- Speaker- Jana Bogs, Author of "Beyond Organic"

2:30- Music- Mano Ali`i (Jawaiian)

3:00- Cooking Demo- Chef Stephen Rouelle (Egyptian Taro Stew)

3:30- Music- Lavender (Solo Guitar)

4:00- Speaker- Deborah GleasonAuthor, Nutritionist, Writer for VegNews, third cookbook in the works, all about Hawaiian style plant based recipes

4:30- Music- Kay Chi (DJ)

5:00- Speaker- Rob Cole, FPG Plant and Animal Sanctuary  

5:30- Music- Trill LeBeau (R&B Modern Pop)


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